"advancing an African community, because we care."                                                             Tel: 020 7732 7017, Registered Charity No. 1097302

Welcome To NACUK

NAC(UK), [ Nnewi Advancement Charity (UK)] was incorporated July 2002 and registered April 2003 by Charity Commission for England and Wales. Its registration number is 1097302.
The current name was adapted from its old name Nnewi advancement Charity(UK) Limited by a special resolution on 26th March 2003.

The Charity's objects ("the Objectives") are:

  • To provide facilities for daily care, recreation and education of children of the Nnewi community in the UK, during out of school hours and school holidays;
  • The advancement of education of children in Nnewi Town, Nigeria;
  • The preservation and protection of health of the Nnewi community in the UK and Nigeria;
  • The provision of facilities for recreation or other leisure time occupation for aged members of the Nnewi community in the UK, in the interest of social welfare and with the object of improving the conditions of the life for those persons.

Classification (As in Charity Commissions for England & Wales Website).

What : Education/Training
Relief of poverty

Who : Children/Young people
Elderly/Old people
People with a disability/ Special Needs
People of a particular ethnic or racial origin
Other charities/Voluntary bodies

How : Makes grants to individuals(includes loans)
Makes grants to organisations( includes schools, charities etc)
Sponsors or undertakes research


Requirement -

  1. The subscribers to the memorandum and such other persons or organisations as are admitted to membership in accordance with the rules made under Article 61 shall be members of the Charity. No person shall be admitted a member of the Charity unless his or her application for membership is approved by serving trustees. 
  2. Membership is open to Nnewi indigines and friends of Nnewi.
  3. Criteria for screening includes being generous, law abiding, trustworthy, honest and be a person of intergrity.
  4. Applicants can choose in accordance with the governing document to belong to any of the three tiers of membership namely, board of trustee, board of management and ordinary membership.
  5. Applicants must complete and return the application form with a one–off joining fee of £50 (fifty pounds) covering administrative cost, to The Secretary, NAC(UK), 4 Fountain Green Square, London, SE16 4TX. All applications will be acknowledged. 
  6. Application form can be obtained from the Secretary or downloaded from this site.

More About Us

  • Governing Document - Memorandum and Article of Association incorporated 11 July 2002 as amended by special resolution dated March 2003. 
  • Area of Benefit - Nnewi community in UK and Nigeria. 
  • Area of Operation - Charity operates inside and outside England and Wales, Africa-Nigeria. 
  • Telephone +(44) (0)20 72498500 
  •  Fax +(44) (0)20 76840872  
  • Charity Correspondence - 4 Fountain Green Square, London, England SE16 4TX

Trustees and Administrators

Leader are nominated and elected by members and have the mandate to lead according to our constitution for a period of ....years.


Contact & Support

  • Address : C/O Lemo Corporate, 815 Old Kent Road, London, SE15 1NX, United Kingdom
  • Email : info@nacuk.org
  • Phone : 020 7732 7017
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